3D printed Energy BLOCKERs® made of hardened steel reduce the energy consumption of your hot runner manifold up to 52% compared to commercially available pressure pieces made of titanium, depending on the application.


Highest energy efficiency is the demand on the Energy BLOCKER®, due to your patent-pending geometry, you reduce the Heat dissipation of the distribution system by 30 to 52% 


The Energy BLOCKERs® are made of hardened steel and are therefore significantly more pressure-resistant than conventional titanium pressure pieces. The contact surface towards your tool remains unchanged in size and thus the tool stiffness is increased.


Titanium for grinding is difficult on the process side and therefore a disadvantage with the usual printed pieces on the market. Energy BLOCKER® made of hardened steel are easy to grind if necessary, in principle the components are already delivered ground to target dimensions.


The thermal insulation of the Energy BLOCKER® against your tool not only saves energy costs when operating the hot runner system, but also reduces the necessary cooling capacity for your mold. This saves additional energy.


The special geometry of the Energy BLOCKER® with its ribs of variable wall thickness can only be produced by means of 3D printing. The entire component is therefore additively manufactured and then ground to the finished height for you.


The hexagon structure gives the Energy BLOCKERS® their high stiffness with low material consumption and thus perfect insulation. As with MONOLITH® nozzles, this structure is decisive for performance.

Continuous development and the passion to innovate is our incentive.

- Martin Hallenberger, Head of construction department



Energy BLOCKER® pays for itself in a very short time due to the excellent insulation and associated energy savings.

With an 8-fold hot runner system as shown, the saving is in operation compared to commercially available titanium thrust pieces ~600 watts.

This means you save 90% of the time you use your injection mold Calendar year 4730kWh. This corresponds to the consumption of an average average 4-person household.

The Energy BLOCKER® brings you clearly to the goal of climate neutrality closer, since in the example shown 700kg of CO² are saved per year.

Energy BLOCKER®, our product for a successful energy transition!





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