Torsten Glittenberg, CEO Witosa, introduces the newly developed XS Linear to Portuguese toolmakers

Product launch in Portugal

Witosa introduces XS Linear

At the beginning of April, Anfervité, commercial agency of Portugal, invited some representatives of the toolmaking industry to a product presentation in Marinha Grande.

Many representatives from the Portuguese companies followed this invitation with great interest. In addition to the standard products, special applications of the hot runner technology were presented to the participants by the Witosa management. Torsten Glittenberg, CEO, focused on the linear systems and the newly developed 'XS Linear'. Selected customers in Germany will be introduced to the new XS system during the summer as part of a roadshow. The official market launch of 'XS Linear' on the market will take place at FAKUMA 2018.

We thank all companies who took this opportunity to familiarize themselves with Witosa hot runner technology.

We are already looking forward to start new projects and deepening existing business relationships.




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