Getting started the theory …

… after lunch of the practical part

Free training for users & designers

Regularly in our technology center

The future of your business is an essential part in the qualification of your employees. We would like to help you secure this future and expand your technological advantage.

In our Technology Center in Frankenberg/Eder, we regularly conduct free training for users and designers, where our consultants convey both important technical principles as well as specific applications of hot runner technology.

Your advantage:

After the theoretical part, the knowledge gained is consolidated by practical examples:

  • Therefore, various hot runner application analyses of the occuring changes are carried out at our two pilot machines.
  • Error patterns are simulated and their solutions are explained and deepened by our application technicians in the production process.
  • In the practical part belongs, also, an instruction on the assembly and disassembly of our hot runner systems and nozzles, that enable your employees to perform targeted and accurate.

Next training date:


takes place on 16th November 2017.


Our user training beginning is at 9 o' clock and end up at 16 o' clock. During the training, coffee and cold beverages are available. They are free, such as the lunch from the buffet.

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Do you have further queries about our user training? We can give you answers on telephone +49 6451 230987-0.