Modular design of hot runner nozzles

for high cavity tools with limited cavity spacing, individually adjustable

Horizontal hot runner nozzles

with multi-injection, as single or system application

System nozzles Type DLX

for spraying circular items

Single needle closure

for single use and distribution systems

Standard hot runner nozzles with tip sealing

for distribution systems and needle closure systems

Judge us! On the results.

Industry-specific examples of our hot runner solutions

Also, when our heart rises technicians at the sight of our hot runner systems: What really counts for you as a customer, is the result of the finished product.

Consequently, we do not show you, here, nozzles, manifolds, hot halves and finished assemblies, but concrete examples of our work for the automotive, packaging, medical, furniture and technical and electrical parts.

To access the individual references, please click with the mouse on the respective industry name in the adjacent navigation.

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