Modular hot runner nozzle

for multi-cavity molds with close cavity spacing, individually adjustable

Horizontal hot runner nozzle

with multiple injection, can be used for single or system applications 

System nozzle Type DLX

for injecting of annular items

Single valve gate

for single and system applications

Standard hot runner nozzle with tip seal

for manifold systems and valve gate systems

witosa smart

Convincing in price and performance





From many years of tried and proven technology, we have created something new. And this at an excellent price-performance ratio.


Our extensive experience in hot runner technology, we have cast into a new powerful yet affordable product line, the base nozzle series witosa smart.


Become familiar with witosa smart and you will find that we are your reliable partner in product quality and service just as excellent as with complex hot runner systems.

The key points in brief


witosa smart is the maintenance and user-friendly solution for standard plastics such as PE, PP, PS, ABS, SAN, TPE, TPU.


  • This product line is available in three types of nozzles with diameters of 20, 24 and 32 mm in different, standardized lengths of 60 to 160 mm.
  • All nozzles are built up modular. The proven modular principle of Witosa applies consistently.
  • witosa smart systems are supplied as a ready to install unit. Nozzles are bolted leakproof with the manifold.
  • A homogeneous temperature distribution and acompact design are implemented consistently.
  • In addition, witosa smart is characterized by short delivery time and a spare parts supply within 24 hours.

We would be pleased to present witosa smart in a personal meeting.


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