Modular hot runner nozzle

for multi-cavity molds with close cavity spacing, individually adjustable

Horizontal hot runner nozzle

with multiple injection, can be used for single or system applications 

System nozzle Type DLX

for injecting of annular items

Single valve gate

for single and system applications

Standard hot runner nozzle with tip seal

for manifold systems and valve gate systems

Valve gate systems

Perfection up to the tip 

Our valve gate systems are designed for different applications. Or more specifically stated: Hitherto, we could use each customer demand with our standard program:

  • The integrated incentive makes the costly processing of the die plate superfluous
  • All needle lengths when exactly installed are adjustable
  • Elektrical sensing of end position fot best process monitoring
  • The application as single nozzle or as system nozzle in combination with a hot runner distribution is possible
  • Activity of the needle closure system, pneumatic, hydraulic or electrical
  • Prewired and ready to get installed.



Our valve gate system in overview

ModelapplicationData sheet
NE- Valve gate-Single
Applicable as single as well as system application
NS- Valve gate-Standard
Single cylinder in multiple system
NK-Valve gate-compact
Single cylinder in multiple system
NH- Valve gate with lifting plate
Suitable for high-cavity tools
NK-EValve gate-compact - electrical

Pre-chamber geometry
Pre-chamber geometry for all valve gate types
in the sizes 14, 16, 20, 24, 32 and 40