Modular hot runner nozzle

for multi-cavity molds with close cavity spacing, individually adjustable

Horizontal hot runner nozzle

with multiple injection, can be used for single or system applications 

System nozzle Type DLX

for injecting of annular items

Single valve gate

for single and system applications

Standard hot runner nozzle with tip seal

for manifold systems and valve gate systems

Hot runner-Nozzles-Systems

Precision to the construction kit

The nozzle is the most important thing of any hot runner system. It determines about the item quality in terms of filling, demolition and practicability of a hot runner system.  Challenges which solve our nozzles in many ways:

  • Optimal, homogeneous temperature control up to the injection point.
  • Optimal mixing of the melt through specially conducted rotational flow cross-sections up to the tip.
  • Smallest cavity spacing feasible due to the slender design of hot runner nozzles.
  • Replaceable wearing parts
  • Cylindrical needle closure systems with pre-centering of the needle during the closing movement.
  • Five different

DLX-nozzles – the slimming cure for your hot runner

A completely new intelligent melt flow system in the DLX nozzle allows a reduction in the overall height of hot runner systems by up to 25%. The gained space and an "energy-saving" product assembly in the tool are, thus, available for the optimization of the injection mould. This leads to a clearly noticeable saving of the investment costs and to a reduction of the ongoing energy costs during production.

The new leadership of the melt channel and an excellent temperature control effect a stable temperature level and an exceptionally homogeneous temperature profile to the nozzle tip.

The system itself is sealing up. The pressure losses in the distribution are greatly reduced and the material damages are minimized. The extremely low power consumption is our contribution to the sustainability initiative "Blue Competence".


Innovative DLX nozzle

Less space for more nozzles means more space for the cavities.

Read our special report as you will use in a better way our DLX nozzle installation space in the machine.

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