Modular hot runner nozzle

for multi-cavity molds with close cavity spacing, individually adjustable

Horizontal hot runner nozzle

with multiple injection, can be used for single or system applications 

System nozzle Type DLX

for injecting of annular items

Single valve gate

for single and system applications

Standard hot runner nozzle with tip seal

for manifold systems and valve gate systems

Control technology

Modular, mature, practice-oriented and affordable

If compact and inexpensive or comfortable and complex – mature and practice-oriented control technology adjusts downwards out WITOSA programm.
You will learn which variants for which application are recommended at the calling of the erfahren Sie bei Aufruf der detail drawing of the modular constructed controllers (see Table).
All devices:

  • Robust construction for the every-day production
  • Easy operability
  • High functionality
  • Process data acquisition with Ethernet Interface MULTI-VIEW  
  • Sampling rate 20 ms for excellent control mode
  • Phase fired controllers
  • Machine tool
  • Equipment on loan on demand

Our controllers in overview

ModelapplicationData sheet
R1-multi-zone controllers

  • in practice-oriented 6-zones-steps available
  • modular device assembly with pluggable assemblies
The R2-central control units
  • combine all advantages of the classical single control unit with the central operability of a multi-zone controller
  • The empty housing is mounted with the control unit required and, optionally, with a central mit einer operability
  • The empty plug-in location can be retrofitted
  • for the monitoring of mutli-cavity molds
  • Extensive diagnosis and protocol functions
  • are implemented for the control and the running-in of complex hot runner forms