Hot runner systems with performance guarantee

Development, construction and injection moulding process perfectly aligned


Experience, expertise and creativity are the hallmarks of our designers. Accordingly, they prudently implement your projects technically and economically optimized and take into consideration your individual requirements in terms of shape, manufacturing process and material.

The acquisition of data, provided by you, on our Pro / Engineer work stations is just as natural as the implementation of MoldFlow analysis  for the purpose of optimal system design.

This will create the basis that guarantees a perfect processing of all, as well as technically demanding materials.


CAD-System:Creo 2D / 3D
Interface:IGES, STEP, DXF
Data exchange:FTP-Server,  Odette or alternative encoding

Continuing product development – On-site service

Furthermore, we optimize all the systems in terms of temperature control, dwell time and temperature profile in such a way that a maximum processing window is available for the user.

You see, we think and act from the product to hot runner, not vice versa. Today as well as tomorrow, because through continuous developments and innovations, we ensure an easy processing of new materials with different requirements for the future as well.

Our understanding of quality, it also means that we continuously carry out material tests in our own technical center and develop new products up to the maturity phase.

Before inclusion in our product catalog, each new nozzle is subjected to extensive tests with different materials. Thus we produce reliable empirical values for which applications a new product is suitable and under what conditions its use should be made.

Injection molding machines in our technical center

- Krauss-Maffei 80 to.

- Arburg 270 50 to. + 30 to.

Also on request or when needed a matter of course: the common sampling of your hot runner system in our company as well as service operations at your site.

Finally, sale is not the end of service of Witosa, but also includes the prompt processing of repair cases. Within period of one day you will get in case of repair a statement of the costs and duration. We start the performance immediately after commissioning.