Willi Glittenberg


Stephan Ochse

Agency plant Germany, Cell Phone +49 178 3387846 stephan.ochse@remove-this.witosa.de

Ulrich Bucher

Außendienst Deutschland, Telefon 0177 3836335 ulrich.bucher@witosa.de

Ravan Graubner

Sales Manager, Phone +49 6451 230987-36 ravan.graubner@remove-this.witosa.de

Ramona Schäfer

Back office, Phone +49 6451 230987-21 ramona.schaefer@remove-this.witosa.de 

Sonja Finger

Back office, Phone +49 6451 230987-13 sonja.finger@remove-this.witosa.de

Contact person market and application technology

Mr. Fox has the answer - Your hotline to application technology

Do you have queries about filling behavior , functional processes, pressure demand or material types? Are you interested in the optimisation of the injection parameters, the improvement of the injection, the machine settings or the error messages on the hot runner control system?

Mr. Fox or, more specifically, our experts, with years of experience in mould construction, plastic injection moulding and hot runner technology, have the answer! They help you further in a prompt, easy and reliable way working days from 7:00 to 17:00 o' clock by calling 06451 230987-62 on all matters regarding the application technology. Free naturally and without long waiting times ;) …

Requests and offers

Do you want assistance in designing a hot runner system for a new application? Do you urgently need a specific offer or you want us simply times to know? Then our sales force would be pleased to receive your call or your email.

Note: Inquiries relating to the sales areas of our trading partners we will immediately forward you to them.